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Miller Marine Training

Transport Canada approved Small Commercial Vessel Operator and Crew Training

Full Program Offered in Hamilton and Kingston includes First Aid Training

If you're a Small Commercial Vessel Operator, then are required to hold up to four different training certificates. Now you can now get all your Transport Canada training certificates at one location, in just one-week of training.  The Marine Basic First Aid course is being held in conjunction with the courses in Pickering, Kingston and Hamilton. You'll be ready to work on the water with these four certificates.

Small Commercial Vessel Operator and Crew Training

If you operate a commercial vessel, it's your responsibility under law to ensure you and your crew follow Transport Canada regulations.  For an excellent source of information, read the Transport Canada Small Commercial Vessel Safety Guide

Chapter 4 of the  Safety Guide will help you ensure you have competent crew based on the Marine Personnel Regulations, and to help you understand what training is required on different vessels and in different areas of operation. 

 2019 Course Calendar and Registration Information 

All of the 2019 SVOP courses are either completed or have fully booked up.  

Only the Niagara ROC-M and MBFA still have space available.



To reserve your seat for any these courses, simply send an email to island_keeper@hotmail.com  You don't need to pay for the training until you attend the courses.


Do you have a workplace requirement and are looking for on-site training for your company or organization? Please contact me for more information and a fast quote.  

Small Domestic Vessel Basic Safety
One-day course
$240 (+ $31 HST)


Radio Operator Certificate - Maritime

Course over 2-evenings

$240 (+ $31 HST)

Small Vessel Operator Proficiency
Four-day course
$660 (+ $85 HST)


Transport Canada

Two-day course

$265 (+ $35 HST)