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Small Commercial Vessel Operator and Crew Training

MED A3 has now been replaced by the SDVBS

Transport Canada has replaced the Marine Emergency Duties A3 (MED A3) with the new updated Small Domestic Vessel Basic Safety Certificate. 

This is the 'new' minimum basic personal safety training for seafarers working as crew members of small fishing vessels, workboats, or passenger vessels operating 25 miles or less offshore.  MED A3 certificates issued prior to this change remain valid indefinitely.

Small Commercial Vessel Operator and Crew Training

If you operate a commercial vessel, it's your responsibility under law to ensure you and your crew follow Transport Canada regulations.  For an excellent source of information, read the Transport Canada Small Commercial Vessel Safety Guide

Chapter 4 of the  Safety Guide will help you ensure you have competent crew, and to help you understand what training is required on different vessels and in different areas of operation, 

Miller Marine Training has been offering these Transport Canada approved training courses to small commercial vessel operators and crew across Ontario since 2013:

  • Small Vessel Operator Proficiency (SVOP)
  • Small Domestic Vessel Basic Safety (SDVBS) 
  • Restricted Operator Certificate (ROC-M) Radio Operator Certificate - Maritime

Spring 2018 Course Calendar 


SVOP / SDVBS / ROC-M courses will be held in the following locations March / April 2018:

Parry Sound - Oakville - Windsor - Whitby - Kingston

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Small Domestic Vessel
Basic Safety
One-day course
$240 (+ $31 HST)


Radio Operator Certificate

Course over 2-evenings

$240 (+ $31 HST)

Small Vessel Operator Proficiency
Four-day course
$660 (+ $85 HST)